10 Green Gift Ideas for Eid al-Adha

green grass slippersWant a jump up on impressing the hosts of upcoming Eid al-Adha parties?  Conspicuous consumption is hard work in Jordan where I live. Product selections are slim, and tasking distant friends with doing the shopping requires gambling on Jordan Post, where parcels disappear like socks in the dryer. Internet retailers can be the answer, if you’re willing to pony up credit card info (a decidedly non-Jordanian habit, as locals operate on a largely cash-only basis). Firebox.com offers unique gift ideas that will tag you as the perfect guest.

1. Green Grass Flip-flops (pictured above) –  A pair of comfy sandals lined with soft, realistic but totally fake grass are perfect for golfers, footballers, Irish ex-pats, and anyone in water-starved Amman needing a reminder of nature’s lushness. ($45)

bike spoke light2. BIKE SPOKELIT – Put safety first as you race to pre-dawn Fajr prayers with this wheel-mounted light. As you pedal, revolving wheels create a solid ring of light, ensuring maximum visibility. ($16)

fruit juicer3. AQUA ZINGER – Whip up homemade drinks free from unwanted additives. Load this up with your favorite fruits, add a splash of water, and its built-in blender creates tasty slushies or hot fruity drinks.  It’s a perfect device for mixing mocktails. ($45)

roll up reusable water bottle4. Vapur Reflex Bottle – As much as I despise plastic bottles, I don’t use reusables because I don’t want to lug around the empties.  This brilliant alternative stands up when it’s filled, but deflates when empty so you can roll it up and stash it in a pocket or backpack.  Made from BPA-free plastic, it’s odor and stain resistant and dishwasher-safe.  ($18)

grow your own veggie pizza5. GROW YOUR OWN PIZZA – Amp up your self-sufficiency and be one with nature by growing your own basil, peppers and tomatoes. Plop the prepared pots in a sunny spot, water them regularly and watch them grow. ($18)

obsessive-chef-chopping-board-womens-gift6. OBSESSIVE CHEF’S BOARDThis chopping board guides perfect slicing and dicing with precise angles and measurements etched onto its surface. Made from durable and naturally antibacterial beechwood, it will encourage the obsessive-compulsive people in your life to put their neuroses to culinary use. ($36)

make your own paper watch7. PAPER WATCHThis digital watch is a functional blank canvas for your wrist, clad in tear-proof paper fabric with a matching paper strap that can be personally decorated with a pen, marker or paintbrush. ($18)

recycled designer wallet8. RECYCLED TYVEK® WALLETSLeave the leather on the animals and grab a billfold crafted from nearly-indestructible Tyvek® instead.  These slim billfolds come in three styles, each with handy pockets and compartments. ($26)

solar-powered-light9.  SOLAR LANTERN – As with other solar lamps that Green Prophet’s covered, this one is linked to charity (for each lamp sold, its makers donate another to people in developing countries).  Small solar panels endlessly recharge its lithium-ion battery. Lightweight, waterproof and portable, it’s a task light, flash light and diffused lantern all rolled into one. ($20)

portable-lunch-box-iftaar10. PORTABLE LUNCH BOX – Keep your flavors distinct with the watertight locking seals on this update on the ancient Japanese Bento Box.   It’s microwavable and dishwasher safe.  Kiss those ziplock bags goodbye. ($23)

All images from Firebox.com

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