Dubai Imports NASA-Developed In’Flector Solar Deflectors for Greener Glass Buildings

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Tall glass buildings have come to dominate the Dubai and Abu Dhabi skylines, which makes absolutely zero sense given that summer temperatures consistently burst their seams in the region. But now the UAE has imported NASA-developed transparent panels that deflect heat back into the atmosphere.

There are so many existing glass skyscrapers throughout the United Arab Emirates that it would be impossible to raze them all and replace them with “greener” buildings.

The glass sucks up solar heat that is then radiated heat indoors, forcing people inside to turn up their air-conditioning units. This in turn gobbles up energy and also releases unnecessary pollutants into the conditioned airstream.

Excess energy consumption has become a crucial issue that Dubai, neighboring Abu Dhabi and other emirates are beginning to overcome with buttoned up efficiency rates and renewable energy sources.

Mega real estate companies are catching on too, and three of the largest companies have begun to install transparent In’Flector insulating panels that can be added to any existing building to slash energy consumption.

Partially developed by NASA, In’Flector insulating panels are transparent, so they still allow natural light to penetrate the interior of buildings as they deflect heat and UV rays back into space.

Made of aluminum, carbon and a UV layer, the panels cut 92 percent of UV rays, 80 percent of radiant heat, and 78 percent of solar heat gain, according to 24/7.

Energy costs are thus cut by roughly 41 percent and payback on investment occurs within a fast 18 months.

Al Serkal Group, Aramex and Damac Properties have all begun to install the panels on their residential complexes due to high demand from their clients, and we expect to see this trend continue both in commercial and residential applications throughout the MIddle East.

:: Emirates 24/7

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