Israel’s Blue I to Detect Floating Dead Pigs in China’s Water

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Pollution of fresh water supplies in large Asian countries is becoming more and more serious due to increasing populations and rapid industrialization. This is especially true in countries like India, where it’s largest river system, the Ganges, is one of the world’s most polluted. China, the world’s most populated in now in serious “water” trouble.

China’s fresh water purity problems may have a chance to be improved, thanks to a unique water analyzing device produced by an Israeli bio-technology company, Blue I Water Technologies , which was developed a device to analyze the types of impurities in water designated for drinking and other purposes.

The device, called Prizma, uses an electro-optic test strip technology to monitor the water’s chemical levels for various impurities that include mold and harmful bacteria, caustic chemicals, and even poisons caused by decomposition of dead fowl or other animals.

The device also measures water content parameters such as Chlorine, pH, conductivity, and the like.

Pollution of fresh water supplies, which only comprises 3.5% of the earth’s total water amount – the rest being salt water, is a very serious problem that affects all the earth’s inhabitants.

China stands to lose the most if its fresh water supplies are not improved.

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