Turkey Bans 26 Genetically Modified Organisms

GMOs, genetically modified organisms, Turkey, agriculture, Monsanto,While the United States is completely in bed with companies that manufacture genetically modified organisms (GMOs), countries in other parts of the world are resisting their relentless push to populate the planet with their patented seeds.

Turkey is the latest country to ban 26 GMOs following an incident involving the unauthorized entry of genetically modified rice that was due at Mersin port, according to local press. The Biosecurity Board unanimously passed the ban, though some genetically modified corn and soy will be permitted for animal feed.

Studies show that certain GMOs are potentially destructive not only to health, but also the kind of genetic diversity that underpins successful ecosystems.

And while some nations (like the US and South Africa) are lapping them up as a panacea for world hunger, there exists little evidence that GM seeds produce greater yields.

Egypt has been pushing back against Monsanto’s MON810, which contains cry1Ab – a deadly insecticide that ruptures the stomachs of insects that eat it, and now Turkey has joined the resistance with an unprecedented show of support against GMOs.

The 26 banned products include modified corn crops used for fuel, as well as sugar beet and rapeseed that even the European Union allows as feeders, according to Hurriyet Daily News.

Three food company executives were recently detained for allegedly ordering genetically modified rice to be delivered into Turkey via Mersin port on the northeastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

They have since been released, but the incident set off a firestorm of debate, which the Biosecurity Board has urged the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) to continue by researching the benefits and detriments of GMOs.

Despite the opposition to powerful companies like Monsanto, 19 corn and soy products will be permitted into the country as feed for cattle, chicken, and fish. Which means meat-eaters will still be exposed.

:: Hurriyet Daily News

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5 thoughts on “Turkey Bans 26 Genetically Modified Organisms”

  1. I heard that there are no GMOs grown in Israel. As for imports a call to the Ag Ministry might sort things out. Someone from Green Action, a local NGO might know.

  2. jane says:

    Good for Turkey…Why is this GMO being pushed on us? Just as the second Industrial revolution back in the early 20th century the one percent are making their billions at our expense
    This is corporate greed, and the “pusher man” has no intention of stopping. I want labels on my food if it’s been GM. Why are they desperately fighting to not put labels on their crap??? What do they know that we don’t,,?
    My uncle flew helicopters in Vietnam full of agent orange. When he was diagnosed with Huntingtons disease at 29 the Dr. looked my mom in the eye and said ,”he’s actually dying from agent orange, but were not allowed to say that because the government says it’s safe.” Huntigsons disease is genetic,and no one on my god’s side of the family had it.
    My uncle passed away at 37. By then the government admitted agent orange was the cause of his illness. On his death certificate it says,”cause of death, Agent Orange.”
    Enough is enough. Why do we allow the one percent to profit off of us no matter what the consequences. No thank u. Leave things alone,and let it be.

  3. Elaine says:

    Feeding these GMO products to animals still gets in the food system. Whether you are a meat eater or not, animal feces is turned into fertilizer and put back on crops. I applaud Turkey for their efforts but they didn’t go far enough. They have left the door open to further infiltration. BTW–animals must be forced to eat GMO feed. They are not stupid.

    In The USA we are fighting to disallow GMOs that have been in the food system for over a decade, put there through blatant lies to the public helped along by their government buddies and promoted by industrial lobbyists. Recently, the US government quietly passed a law that states GMO producers can not be sued for anything in regard to GMOs. They know they are on the run from the non-GMO movement. Heritage seeds (they produce clean seed) are everywhere nowadays and selling in bulk. If the world stops planting GMOs the bad guys are bankrupt. If the US public sues them for the health harms they’ve perpetrated against them they are bankrupt. Monsanto and others are well aware of their position right now. So they seek to hide behind the skirts of their law making cronies in government. Both are despicable.

    Turkey! Tell Monsanto and other GMO producers to push-off!!!! Be more successful and less apathetic than the American public for your people.

  4. Tania says:

    Kudos to Turkey for this move! I wonder if any such legislation is in the pipeline in Israel.

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