Green ‘Khutbah’ Muslim Sermon Campaign Launches Today

Go Green muslim GK1 khutbahToday marks the first annual ‘Green Khutbah Day’ which also coincides with Earth Day 2013

Muslims have been asked to encourage their spiritual leaders, imams, to devote this Friday Khutbah or sermon (19th April 2013) to celebrate the blessings, graces and beauty of all of Allah’s creation. Muaz Nasir from Khaleafa who is leading the effort is also hoping to raise awareness amongst Muslim of the environmental challenges facing humanity.

“The ‘Green Khutbah Campaign’ is aiming to challenge Muslims to become stewards of the environment by making changes to their daily routines,” explains Nasir. “Although the evidence of environmental damage is stronger than ever, the public is starting to tune out due to the recent economic crisis and a lack of political leadership. But Muslims cannot tune out from the environmental damage – tuning out would mean that we are disregarding our moral responsibility to Allah’s creation.”

The campaign requests that all Muslims commit to the 3 ‘C’ action plan:

1. Consume Less

2. Conserve More

3. Care for the Environment

Sample sermons and also resources to engage the Muslim congregation have been provided at the Green Khutbah site which includes a link to us. There are also Quranic verses and hadiths highlighting the importance of nature, conserving water, minimising waste and recognising our role as stewards of nature. The site also has a long and useful list of practical actions that Muslims can take to green their mosques and green their lives.

Here are some of the suggestions:

– Help protect the future of nature by calling on governments and other decision-makers to protect our natural heritage.

– Many household items, such as clothing, toys, and furniture, can be donated to social service or religious groups.

– Instead of letting the tap run until the water gets cold, keep a jug of drinking water in the refrigerator.

– Repair leaks in toilet tanks promptly. You can check for leaks from the toilet tank into the bowl quite easily. Put a small amount of food colouring into the toilet tank. If the coloured water appears in the toilet bowl without flushing, you should repair the leak.

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