Travel Iran for Eight Unforgettable Days with Arab Explorers

Esfahan, Iran, tourism, eco-tourism, travel, adventure, Rahhalah, hiking, trekkingTake everything you ever learned about Iran and banish it from your mind. Do it. Do it right now. Because this country is far more interesting than mainstream papers would have you believe.

Boasting one of the world’s oldest continuing civilizations and a trove of architectural, cultural, historical and natural treasures, not to mention some of the most colorful and warm people, what used to be Persia is among the least explored and most diverse tourism destinations in the Middle East region. And now there is an opportunity to experience it yourself.

Caspian Sea, Iran, tourism, eco-tourism, travel, adventure, Rahhalah, hiking, trekking, SunsetThe outdoor tourism company Rahhalah offers an eight day tour of Iran that is packed with coastal, desert, and even urban adventure.

Traversing territory as diverse as the Al Borz Mountains overlooking Tehran and the Caspian Sea, Kelardhasht and Valasht Lake, visitors will be introduced to a rich, sophisticated civilization that dates back to 4000 BC along with one of the highest collections of UNESCO world heritage sites on earth.

Hiking, horseback riding, bazaar scouting and general exploration are on the menu of activities which are led by some of the Arab world’s most experienced and professional adventurers, including Zed Alrefai – the first Arab to reach the top of Mt. Everest.

Earth architecture, mud buildings, Yadz, Iran, tourism, eco-tourism, travel, adventure, Rahhalah, hiking, trekkingNamed after the intrepid explorers of old who wandered what we now think of the wastelands of Arabia, Rahhalah is comprised of an excellent team of eager to unveil a side of Iran that is so poorly understood by the outside world.

Founded by Suzanne Al Houby, who was the first Arab woman to summit Mt. Everest, Rahhalah is committed to authentic and sustainable travel that benefits both the visitor and the visited.

Traveling through Iran won’t be uneventful, like most parts of the Middle East, but we can almost guarantee that the experience will leave you more enriched than you thought you could be.

For more detailed information, contact the team at Rahhalah travel.

Image of a restaurant in Esfahan, sunset at the Caspian Sea and mud buildings in Yadz from Shutterstock

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