Turkey’s Wheat Exports Decline Due To Climate Change, Says Industry Official

Turkey’s total wheat production declined 14 percent in 2012 from the year before.

Climate change has caused a steady decline in Turkey’s wheat production since 2010, according to Hakan Esen, a representative of the Central Anatolian Exporters’ Association (OAIB). Speaking to reporters in Jakarta, Esen announced that Turkey’s what flour exports to Indonesia would fall to 236,000 tons this year, down nearly 40 percent from the 387,000 tons exported to Indonesia in 2011.

An insider view

While the government has estimated that wheat production in Turkey will actually rise from last year’s output of 17.5 million tons, Esen says it will decline to 15 million tons.

Turkey currently supplies 60 percent of Indonesia’s wheat flour imports, and demand for the product is rising in the populous southeast Asian country. Indonesians are gradually forgoing their traditional diet to eat more bread and noodles

Even as demand rises, however, Esen warns that declines in supply should be expected: “We are experiencing a production shortfall because of climate change,” he said, according to the Jakarta Globe. The OAIB represents seven of Turkey’s main wheat flour millers, as well as hundreds of Turkish export companies in a range of industries.

Climate change reducing harvests worldwide

Esen did not comment on how climate change was affecting Turkey’s other export industries.

Government officials in Turkey have recently painted a glowing picture of the country’s agricultural exports, declaring that they will rise to $40 billion by the centennial of the republic in 2023. Agricultural exports from Turkey reached $15.3 billion last year.

But climate change is projected to threaten wheat yields around the world, which puts Turkey, the world’s biggest wheat flour exporter, in a precarious position. Despite the harm the country stands to suffer as a result of climate change, Turkey’s government has taken a largely irresponsible stand on the issue, avoiding greenhouse gas-reduction commitments despite the rapid increase in its emissions.

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