Solar Panel App Angles Your Investment to Catch the Best of the Sun

solar panel suitability checker, solar energyThis new app from the UK helps solar panel installers the world over choose the best location on your property for installing solar panels. 

Investing in solar panels for your home or company isn’t just about taking a leap of faith, and being green. It’s a solid business investment that can give you good returns as the panels feed back to the grid, depending on where you live and the set feed-in tariffs. And if you are living or running a business off your supply, the energy savings by going solar will be significant.

But if you are installing solar panels on roofs or are a keen do-it-it-yourselfer how do you know the best location to get the most from the shifting sun? While your panels are stationary, the sun is not. It not only rises and falls but shifts position throughout the year. A new app, the Solar Panels Suitability Checker can tell you where is the best place to put your panels. And it may not even be on the roof!

solar panel sun angle checker, solar energy

Accessed through either an iPad or iPhone, the free app works with Google Maps to determine where your solar panels will be most efficient. To use it, download the app then push the ‘Use Current Location’ button and the device will pinpoint the user’s location. The address of where the solar panels are to be installed can be keyed in manually too.

Select your country and address in the drop down menu. The developer says it can be used anywhere in the world with your iphone. I think it would be useful if you are looking to buy property that you intend to use as a solar energy investment.

A hillside retreat in the Alps, or a rooftop apartment in Beirut? Let the app decide!

Using a graph overlay paired with satellite imagery (shown in the image above) the app helps you find the most optimal place on your property for solar efficiency. No guesswork. No fingers to the wind. No divine inspiration or prayers to Sun Gods needed.

And if you are not yet able to buy solar panels, use the app to find the best location for your solar cooker.

solar energy roof angle, sun track checker


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