Glaciers and Polar Bears Rome Tel Aviv this Week

greenpeace save the arctic polar bear in rome

Unlike the dubious global warming theme park in the United Arab Emirates “Ice Land”, where extraordinary amounts of water go to waste, Israelis are trying to tackle northland conservation in a more sane manner. Thanks to Greenpeace Mediterranean, a sliding glacier with polar bears will be visiting the streets of Tel Aviv, Israel this week to educate locals on the problems caused by energy companies rallying to grab their stake in the arctic and North Pole. The campaign is part of Greenpeace’s “Save the Arctic” movement.

The moving glacier is really an ice-shaped platform, and it will haul people costumed in polar bear suits who no doubt will be extraordinarily hot in their suits.

According to the JPost “in addition to transporting the glacier platform around Tel Aviv, Greenpeace activists in Israel will be sending giant polar bear escorts to recruit Israelis to protect the North Pole throughout the coming weeks, the local group said.”

Greenpeace aims to get half a million signatures against the energy companies such as Shell who want to begin experimental energy drilling in the arctic.

If you want to see the North Pole stay pristine you can sign the Greenpeace campaign to “save” the arctic. I did.

::JPost / image via Greenpeace

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