Guy Lougashi Fashions Amazing Sculptures Out of Tape

Guy Lougashi makes incredible sculptures entirely out of either colored or transparent tape. Eschewing the hardening or drying phase of many sculptural materials such as clay or paper pulp, the artist claims that tape is an incredibly versatile material that forms an excellent foundation for other design projects. And now it’s possible to glean some of his hard-earned wisdom in an upcoming four-day workshop that will be held in Haifa.

Tape sculptures weigh hardly anything, light passes through them in interesting ways and they can be made large or small. In order to give them greater texture, Lougashi often adds other kinds of film adhesives to his projects.

In the past we have featured Guy’s woven paper designs and he has been known to go dumpster diving for materials to use in his growing portfolio.

A twenty-hour workshop will be divided up in four five-hour classes that will cost NIS 800 or USD 200. That’s $10 an hour for a thorough class that will end with at least one fully developed piece of art.

Workshop participants are urged to bring a ball, cube, egg, cone and other simple formal objects that will help lend shape to projects, which can be completed by anyone of any age – regardless of their skill level.

A box, scissors, Japanese knife, clothespins and a big wheel of tape are also required.

The first lesson will begin with basic design techniques that can be used with this unique material, the second class will involve creating patterns and abstract shapes with tape and skeletons of aluminum foil, while the remaining two classes will focus on each person’s individual project.

If you are in Israel and end up going to this Guy Lougashi workshop, let us know and we might even post pics of your project!

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