McDonald’s Drops Pink Slime But Questionable Products Remain

pink slime mcdonaldsThis is not bubble gum or cotton candy folks; this is pink slime in all its glory! Photo via US News

Following McDonald’s announcement that they are no longer using pink slime in their hamburger patties, news of this issue has been spreading around the world. Since McDonald’s can be found from Israel to the United Arab Emirates, we have also addressed the issue. Such postings, including our meat glue article which was picked up on Snopes, are not intended to raise public hysteria but to fact find.  Similar topics have included possible ceramic coated cookware dangers and meat products containing the substance transglutaminse otherwise known as meat glue.

A number of USA based news media sites, including CBS News and have reported that McDonald’s in America have dropped the used of the slimy pink substance after British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver brought a live cow and large chunks of freshly slaughtered beef into an American fast food restaurant to show customers how pink slime is made.

He combined ground up pieces of discarded beef trimmings and placed them in a washing machine to show how the fat is spun off by the machines centrifuge-like revolutions.

To further emphasize his point, Oliver took a bottle of household ammonia and mixed some if it with water, thereby creating the ammonium hydroxide that he claims is being used to kill e-coli and other forms of bacteria present in the “slime.”

Jamie Oliver video on how pink slime is made:


While reports are not definite pink slime may have been used in the McDonald’s hamburger chain in Beijing until August, 2011 when it was said to have been “removed from our supply chain” according to a statement released by McDonald’s of China to the Peoples Daily news.

The Chinese offices of McDonald’s later denied ever having used it, however. But serious questions still arise regarding its use in beef products in McDonald’s restaurants in China, according to a second article published in the China Daily news site. Reports on the Middle East are non existent.

We still do not know if any fast food chains are using pink slime in any part of the Middle East, however. It might be a good thing to add that  in McDonald’s restaurants in the USA, and possibly elsewhere as well, a number of questionable chemical additives are still being used on a daily basis, as reported in the Washington Post. Some of these additives include:

1. Propylene glycol – a substance similar to that found in antifreeze
2. Ammonium sulfate – used to encourage bread dough to rise
3. Azodicarbonamide – a bleaching agent used in hamburger buns
4. Sodium Acid pyrophosphate – a buffering agent used in foods like chicken nuggets

While everyone should be happy that McDonald’s has removed pink slime from at least its meat patties being served in American restaurants, these other additives warrant investigation as well. And we welcome consumer advocates located in the Middle East to conduct their own food content examinations in Middle Eastern fast food chains.

We will certainly be on the watch.

Slime Photo via US News

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