Watts to Water Brothers in Rural Pakistan

Diyar Khan pakistanThree brothers working in Pakistan’s remote Chitral communities are helping provide green electricity for 45,000 homes.

Their micro hydro-electricity projects, 70 up and running to date, include manufacturing and installation, giving Pakistani families in undeveloped communities clean and reliable power.

So far they have helped supply 10 MW of clean greenhouse gas-free power in two years, working closely with the Clean Development Mechanism, a United Nations tool to help mitigate climate change.

The projects are in “far flung areas” says Rahim Diyar (pictured above left), the managing director of Hydrolink.

Rahim is only 23-years-old, and armed with an MBA has enlisted his engineering brother Fazli Rabbi to help realize the dream of creating sustainable power for Pakistan, from within the country. A third brother Fazli Khaliq is the CEO.

hydro power pakistanTransforming the lives of women

“Water to Watts” is our working concept, explains Diyar. “This means from water we start collecting data, and through that water we generate electricity which means watts generated for communities.”

Non-profits, local and international, are funding the communities, who call on Hydrolink to fulfil the technology demands.

Diyar sees it as an important social entrepreneurship link as he is also making a bridge between academia and economic development, “offering research projects to the students and applying these projects to industry,” he tells Green Prophet.

hydro power pakistanSeeing light for the first time in rural Pakistan

“Pakistanis as well as foreigners are welcome to invest in this sector. Pakistan is facing electricity hardships today as we all know,” he adds.

For those interested in getting involved, consider that 1 KW costs 115,000 PKR or $1,352 USD. One home runs on about 5 KW, meaning a $5,000 investment.

For more details on getting involved in Hydrolink’s green power projects, contact Diyar at Hydrolink: [email protected]

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6 thoughts on “Watts to Water Brothers in Rural Pakistan”

  1. Engr Misbah says:

    I strongly appreciate the sincere efforts of Hydrolink team in providing clean and environmental friendly energy to the far flung areas of Northern. The reason being is they have introduced professionalism in this field by utilizing the engineering application in hydropower. They are keen to develop and innovate this local technology and promote indiginization and self sustainability. Moreover, I would like to request MR. Amir to use his fair resources and talent to get even 50% of the result what hydrolink has achieved so far. Its easy to accuse somebody of using unfair means but its difficult to justify it. Additionally i would request the worthy member to refrain from showing grudge at such a forum.

  2. Nice step in order to use natural resources. Small hydroelectric plants have been around for quite a while and is proven source of providing electricity in remote areas.

  3. Rahim Diyar says:

    Dear Amir Sb,

    Thank you very much for the best wishes and your comments, can you please explain that what does you mean by “Unfair use of Resources”- I will be very thankful for your answer-

  4. Sometimes influence is one important resource in making clean tech projects actually happen. Please give us more details about what you call unfair use of resources.

  5. Amir says:

    The mentioned persons have started this all with unfair use of resources and influence while working in Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP). Rest it is good and we wish all the best for the team

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