Masdar’s Sustainability Begins with Design, But Where Are the Humans?

Take a new tour through the Masdar Institute with this video.

Modeling traditional Arabic cities and using old innovation like windcatchers, Masdar has become an expensive showcase for sustainable living in the Middle East. The above video gives a tour of some of the renewable energy initiatives there, like heliostats, and its pod cars. I love the idea of incubating science fiction “green energy” ideas in the real world, but where are the people in this so-called sustainable community? Did the directors tell them to disappear when the cameraman arrived?

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5 thoughts on “Masdar’s Sustainability Begins with Design, But Where Are the Humans?”

  1. mariam says:

    When using the title Masdar “CITY” one assumes it is a city including residential, office, recreational etc centers so now even I am confused. Why isn’t the prototype ( I assume) being tested with the diverse functioning of the city?

  2. Your current article continually include a lot of really up to date info. Where do you come up with this? Just declaring you are very imaginative. Thanks again

  3. It’s not that I want to replicate your website, but I really like the design and style. Could you let me know which style are you using? Or was it especially designed?

  4. Mari,
    Every photo I have seen of Masdar looks either really lonely or populated with an alien tribe of people who have come to ogle at the “city” for an hour or so. Where is the life? If I were living in this technological wonder, I’d be sitting on a bench watching the train of journalists and visitors streaming through. Something there seems forced and unnatural. I could be wrong.

  5. Mari says:

    As you know, so far the only permanent buildings at the MC site are those of the Masdar Institute. During the day, research institute people usually stay indoors and work in their offices or receive classes… I get the point of the piece, I too think it’s good to be critical about the GCC states’ new energy and sustainability initiatives, but let’s try to criticise relevant issues like the gap between promises and progress, or the fact that these pod cars still appear in Masdar promo material although their future role in the city is currently envisaged to be minimal.

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