We Almost Lost Our Green Grand Mufti?

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Trying to “talk to God” a passenger tried to open plane’s emergency door mid-flight.

The Grand Mufti of Egypt is considered “very green” according to our analyst Moshe Terdiman. But a mishap aboard a flight to Cairo last week could have cost him his life. Our friend Jon Jenson at the Global Post picked up a local item from the press in Cairo: A passenger on board an EgyptAir flight from Sharm el-Sheikh to Cairo, carrying the Grand Mufti, averted sabotage.

It is reported that at about 8,000 feet, the passenger Abdallah Sayyed Ahmed tried to open the emergency door. He told officials that he wanted to “talk to God”. Security tackled him and brought him back to his seat.

The flight contained 144 people, including the highest-ranking spiritual guide for Sunni Islam, Sheikh Ali Gomaa, the Grand Mufti of Egypt.

Please don’t report me to airport security, but standing by the security door in the back of the plane while sipping on coffee on a long boring flight, I’ve thought too – what would happen if I pulled the handle? Curious I’ve asked the in-flight attendants and they said nothing. That the pressure in the cabin would prevent the door from opening.

Oh, and when I want to talk to God, I just do it directly wherever I am. I don’t think he/she cares if you are flying through the sky at 8,000 feet or a mile underwater.

::Global Post

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