PET Bottles Upcycled Into Art Using Glass Blowing Techniques

"plastic bottle glass blowing"PET bottles hark back to their glass bottle predecessors using traditional glass blowing techniques.

Plastic bottles have pretty nasty reputations for being bad for human health and the environment.  Very few people are arguing that plastic bottles (and especially bottled water) are a good thing in the long run.  Some companies, such as Israeli fashion label EcoGir, have tried to solve the plastic bottle problem by upcycling PET bottles into chic men’s suits.  And now, Israeli designer Nitsan Debbi has tried to solve the aesthetic and environmental issues surrounding the ubiquitous plastic bottle by upcycling it into beautiful artwork using glass blowing techniques.

The technique, which harks back to the older form of glass bottles, transforms the plastic PET bottle into a floating, ethereal work of art to be admired (instead of an ugly object to be tossed out or hopefully recycled).

"plastic bag shoes"Debbi, who is currently an industrial design MA student at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, exhibited her glass-blown PET bottles at the Thinking Hands Exhibition at Milan Design Week this past April 2011.  Her avant-garde and eco-friendly design was in the good company of other green designs there, such as plastic bag shoes (seen above), vegetable peel jewelry, and citrus peel ceramics.

“The philosophical background of the theme of the exhibition ‘Thinking Hands’,” according to exhibition organizer Ezri Tarazi, “comes from the new integration and combination possibilities in design today, enabled by the post-industrial radical change.”

: Nitsan Debbi
: Fast Company Design

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