Cardboard Mounted Deer Heads for the Eco Conscious Decorator

"mounted deer head cardboard"Enjoy taxidermy without the guilt, with a recycled (and recyclable) cardboard deer head.

In centuries past, mounted deer (or other animal) heads were considered a type of trophy – an item that illustrated the skills and capabilities of the hunter who killed the deer.  If a man had a deer head on his wall, you would assume that he was virile, manly, capable of taking care of his little woman and kids, and probably a few other things as well.  But what is the modern, eco-conscious vegetarian man to do when he too wants to use interior design to demonstrate his masculine, yet environmentally sensitive, attributes?  Play on the classic mounted deer head and hang a “green” cardboard version.

The recycled cardboard Eco Deer Head pictured above, made by Israeli design company Crembo, is assembled out of 20 pieces that are joined without the need for glue (thus making it easier to recycle when the owner’s interior design tastes have changed).  The pieces of the Eco Deer Head also come in a flat pack, which reduces shipping and packaging resources.

"mounted bull head cardboard"Crembo’s entire line of design products (which also includes the Eco Camel, Eco Bull, Eco Penguin, Eco Cat and Eco Dog) aims to be as green as possible, but not at the expense of whimsy and fun.  In Crembo’s own words, they “create products with fun and interesting design elements that make people smile.”  All of the cardboard creatures can be personalized by painting or decorating them.

As playful as all their products (and creatures) are, nevertheless all of the company’s products are:

  • made out of environmentally friendly materials
  • individually produced
  • made entirely in Israel (locally produced)
  • packaged in flat packaging with simple assembly instructions
  • assembled without glue

: Crembo

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2 thoughts on “Cardboard Mounted Deer Heads for the Eco Conscious Decorator”

  1. have one (deer head) had fun putting it together with grandson. looking forward to getting another

  2. Chris Jessee says:

    The deer shown in this article is a fraudulent knock-off of my design.

    My original design has been available since 2007 at my site
    and through hundreds of retailers around the world.



    Chris Jessee

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