Anti-Fur Coalition Launches “There’s No Beauty In Cruelty”

anti fur coalitionWhat does it take to make people stop wearing fur? Maybe this recent campaign launched by the Anti-Fur Coalition in Israel.

Israel took a historic step last year to ban the import and marketing of animal fur, except for Streimels used by Ultra-Orthodox Jews.

Pamela Andersen, honorary ambassador of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), lauded the bill and encouraged Ultra-Orthodox to consider alternatives.

Even so, following pressure from pro-fur groups, the bill was put on hold, much to the disgust of the Anti-Fur Coalition. With help from the Draftfcb+ Shimoni Finkelstein Barki ad agency, the group launched the “There’s no beauty in cruelty” campaign.

anti fur campaignIt seems that the lobbying power of both the Canadian and Danish embassies is more powerful than the former Baywatch star.

The bill was put on hold after both of those countries’ ambassadors petitioned Israel’s Minister of Environmental Protection and recent Golden Globe winner Gilad Erdan to reconsider.

According to  infurmation, 50 million animals are killed each year for the fashion industry. The print campaign, which is designed to draw attention to the cruelty associated with fur clothing, depicts dolls wearing fur and animal parts strewn in the background. Although it does not evoke a visceral objection to the practice, it is nonetheless an interesting approach.

Number of animals required to make a fur coat:anti fur campaign

  • 12-15 lynx
  • 10-15 wolves or coyotes
  • 15-20 foxes
  • 60-80 minks
  • 27-30 racoons
  • 10-12 beavers
  • 60-100 squirrels

Israel’s minister Gilad Erdan said animals should only be killed for food or subsistence, and not to make a pretty coat.

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2 thoughts on “Anti-Fur Coalition Launches “There’s No Beauty In Cruelty””

  1. Penny McCracken says:

    There is one way to stop the fur industry in its tracks. Use ‘faux’ fur! Today’s faux fur is so beautiful, any woman (or man or child) could be completely happy wearing it. Check out the website: or call them at 1-800-848-4650. I wear my faux everywhere during the winter cold in my state. My next purchase will be a beatiuful red velvet bathrobe with a ‘faux’ white fox collar!
    If everyone now wanting fur would buy from these and other faux fur
    dealers, who needs to kill animals?
    My mother got her first ‘faux’ coat in the 1950’s. Even then it was so pretty, I wore it for a number of years, then passed it to my daughter, who wore it, then later, passed it on to HER daughter!
    Most faux fur is indistinguishable from the real thing. No need to kill any animal. I have seen how fur animals are killed, and it would take a monster to do that. One person, a ‘green’ advocate said ‘Well, OK, but then the damn things would end up in landfills. Well, sorry, my family has been wearing it for the fourth generation!
    So, just publish pictures of the faux furs, and I doubt any woman would want for more — and husbands would welcome the very small dent in their wallets!

  2. Sue Grimsby says:

    Shocking there’s still that much demand for fur. But I think it will take a more visceral appeal than a Barbie doll to sway hearts and minds.

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