An Epic Journey To Mecca- By Bike! (SLIDESHOW)

cycling to mecca

Natheem and Imtiyaz in South Africa with supporters.

The pair started their journey back in February 2010 in Cape Town and went on to cycle through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Turkey, Syria and Jordan.

Although Natheem and Imtiyaz planned to cycle the entire journey, their plans were scuppered when they couldn’t get visas for Ethiopia and Sudan.

They were forced to change their route and decided to fly to Turkey and cycle the rest of the journey from there.

All images via Cape2Mecca.

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5 thoughts on “An Epic Journey To Mecca- By Bike! (SLIDESHOW)”

  1. an absolutely adventurous way of getting to the spiritual heartland of a muslim.we need more initiatives such as these,connecting with people,leaving cycle tracks/footprints and taking with only memories and pictures.

  2. Arwa says:

    Thanks for comment Muhammed!
    Are related to Imtiyaz by any chance? If so, please pass on our best wishes from GreenProphet and let me know how they decide to get back home!

  3. Slms Karin & thanks. Nice idea and connecting the idea with going ‘green’.

    1. It was Arwa’s idea. Credit goes to her… 🙂

  4. If two men can cycle to Mecca, then why not more? People can also cycle to Jerusalem and other major pilgrimage spots around the world.

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