Israel Has Plans To Outlaw Dinosaur TVs

old-school-televisionHigh energy dinosaurs may get the axe as part of Israel’s plan to reduce energy use by 20%

Energy doesn’t come easily to Israel. With few resources of its own, apart from solar – the widespread exploitation of which is beginning to take shape – and maybe natural gas, officials have to get creative about the energy they do have.

Since asking consumers to cut back requires a serious paradigm shift, the National Infrastructures Ministry is taking a different approach, requiring computer screens and televisions to be more efficient than they currently are. This really isn’t so unique, since makers of household equipment (such as washers, dryers, refrigerators) have long felt the pressure to design less energy intensive equipment. In addition to these, according to the Jerusalem Post, Israel may outlaw the import of any digital screen which does not meet the potential new regulations.

The Ministry is concerned about screens that consume excessive energy while the electrical device is not being used at all. According to the paper, if left unchecked, by 2020 computers and televisions on standby will waste five billion kilowatts of energy. On the other hand, if the proposed measures are passed, then in 2011 alone 70 million kilowatt hours of energy will be rescued.

These regulations, if passed by the Knesset Economic Affairs committee to whom the plans have been submitted, will contribute to the country’s overall aim of reducing energy demand by 20% by 2020. They will only apply to new machines.

“The ministry has also embarked on a pilot program to replace aging refrigerators that belong to poor people, so as to lower their electricity bills and electricity use in general,” according to The Jerusalem Post.

:: The Jerusalem Post

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