Nano ‘Stars of David’ Offer Promise of Using Sunlight to Make ‘Green’ Fuel

Nanoparticle developed at Hebrew University

This nanoparticle, 10,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair, could star in clean energy applications.

Researchers at Hebrew University of Jerusalem have created an artificial nanoparticle that looks like a six-pointed Star of David and offers potential for environmental applications, including use as photocatalysts for separating hydrogen from water to create clean fuel.

As described in the Jerusalem Post, “The particles are nano-sized, hexagonal crystals, each with a tiny metal frame wrapping around and encasing them just like a bird’s cage, but 100 million times smaller. Because the nanocage is hexagonal, when looked at from above, the images appear as Stars of David. No one had ever seen hybrid nanoparticles form with such a cage structure before.”

The researchers are just beginning to explore possible applications for the new particles. Initial research has already demonstrated the possibility of using the nano-cages as sensors to detect tiny quantities of hydrogen peroxide. The scientists hope this capability can be harnessed to produce new sensors for diabetes diagnostics and other medical applications.

Image via Jerusalem Post

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