Plagued By Mosquitoes? Greenopolis Blog Offers Help

natural mosquito repellent marigoldsNatural and effective mosquito repellents like marigolds might be growing in your own garden.

I’m a mosquito’s favorite nosh. Even just attending my window sill plants on a summer day, I’ll be slapping at my ankles and cussing at the little stingers. Being wary of toxic pesticides that pollute the environment, I’m glad to read new information on natural mosquito-repellent herbs. For mosquito-plagued gardeners like me, Blogger Lynn Hasselberger at the Greenopolis eco-blog tells us how to use fresh herbs, many growing freely in the Middle East, instead of commercial mosquito sprays.

Marigolds, catnip, rosemary and basil are just some of them. To use, them, crush the flowers or leaves and rub the juice on exposed skin and clothing.

According to Hasselberger, catnip works best. She notes:

If you’re a gardener who disrupts swarms of mosquitoes every time you step foot into your garden, try incorporating some of these plants/herbs:

•  Citronella
•  Rosemary (crush this and rub on your skin for protection outside of the garden, too)
•  Lemongrass
•  Lemon Thyme
•  Lavender (questionable)
•  Basil
•  Thyme
•  Penny royal garlic
•  Rue

Grow your herbs organically, and their mosquito-repellent properties will be really strong. And if you’re really serious about destroying the little flying blighters, see what Hasselberger says about plants that consider them lunch.


More on mosquitoes and creatures that eat them:

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  1. Keith Taylor says:

    “To use, them, crush the flowers or leaves and rub the juice on exposed skin and clothing.”

    This is an important point. So many people believe that it’s enough to simply grow these plants in your garden to keep away mosquitoes. I grow lemon grass, and whenever I go into the garden I tear up a few leaves and rub them on my shirt and pants. If I just stood next to the plants I’d be bitten as badly as anywhere else.

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