Detox – Not a Diet, A Way of Life (4 Tips)

joggersAre you as healthy on the inside as the outside? Detox is the answer to internal health

Summer, vacation, relaxing, it is not just for you, it is also great to give your body the chance to unwind. We tend to push ourselves too hard throughout the year and then try for the quick fix. Whether it is a crash weight loss diet or a detox diet, the fastest is not the best. There are many popular detox diets out there, but don’t be tempted, instead try the healthier options. The body has its own built in way of detoxifying, so why put yourself through days of sipping some strange soup, or munching on cabbage leaves for the sake of detox, try trusting your body.

1. Your own built in cleanser is the liver and one of its responsibilities is getting rid of whatever your body doesn’t need or cant use. To keep your liver at peak performance make sure you eat lots of fruit and vegetables since these foods have the vitamins and minerals your liver needs.

2. You should also avoid eating too much fatty food or chemically processed margarines since these are harder for the liver to deal with. Limiting sugar intake is also a great step to take since it interferes with certain enzyme activities.

3. When you think about it, the whole purpose of detox is cleaning out your body, so why not do it the same way you would clean out anything else? With water! We are not talking about drinking water as the sole solution, but most people don’t drink enough to begin with. So if you are trying to detoxify your body, you need to drink just that little bit more. It is not about a number of glasses or litres, just make drinking water something you do at regular intervals throughout the day.

4. It is important to make sure your diet is full of fibrous food which helps you’re your digestive tract cleansed. Besides fruit and vegetables, another way of adding fibre to your diet is nuts. Just keeping a handful of almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts or some other variety nearby. Not only does it provide fibre, it also curbs your appetite and will help you stop snacking on other unhealthy options.

The best part about all this detoxifying is that you can really feel your body relax. None of this requires any strange, demanding diet and none of the changes are too drastic. Your skin will improve, headaches can be a thing of the past, and energy levels will boost, now isn’t that reason enough to give this detox lifestyle a try?

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