Islamic Websites Offer Halal Adult Sex Aids

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With green intentions, religious Muslims can buy sensual products online that conform with religious values.

What’s a devout Muslim to do if they want to heighten nocturnal pleasures without exposing themselves to any unnecessary salacious advertizing ubiquitous to the adult sex toy industry?  Shop online, of course, at websites catering to the Islamic consumer whose passions can be enhanced without violating religious law.

At least two such discreet sites are now operating. Sex Toys Islam operates out of Atlanta, Georgia, and El Asira from Amsterdam, and both are conspicuously absent from any sexualized imagery or penetrative sexual aids. Instead, visitors will find products such as massage oils, personal lubricants, and natural supplements geared towards enhancing intimacy that also conform to Islamic Sharia principles, according to information provided on both sites.

In an LA Times article, Abdelaziz Aouragh, the 29-year-old Dutch entrepreneur and founder of El Asira, described the early success of his store, which he prefers not to be referred to as a sex shop, but a safe place for the more modest consumer to shop for intimacy products. In fact, customers who log on to El Asira will note that men and women are actually directed to different pages, in keeping with the separation of the genders.

“It has been a major success and it’s still rising.” Aouragh told the Times. And while he insisted in the article that, “The concept we have is totally unique,” consumers actually do have some choices.

The Sex Toys Islam site is equally modest – no pornography, foul language or vibrators – but it does sell more risqué items such as handcuffs and kitty kat whips, adult sex games, and the popular Kama Sutra brand of personal lubricants. Each site offers advice for customers who have questions and would like them answered according to Islamic sexual laws.

Both sites also sell environmentally friendly lubrications, demonstrating an effort to make them eco-sexy in a discreet and simple way. Click here to read: The Ins and Outs of Eco-Friendly Vaginal Lubrication.

What’s not so discreet is the emphasis on male-enhancing libido products.

Incidentally, these online stores aren’t the only ventures into sensual pastures for Muslim customers. According to the Times, 32-year-old businesswomen Khadija Ahmed recently opened up the first Islamic sex shop in Bahrain after her website became so popular that it was obvious the niche for halal sex toys needed to be filled. Called Dar Khadija, its line up includes edible underwear and kinky lingerie, something Aouragh wants to offer on El Asira eventually.

Worth noting in this story: Ahmed insists on similar parameters about her boutique. “It’s not a sex shop in the Western sense but a place to help married couples, and only married couples, enjoy sex to the full.” And she is adamant about the holiness of sexual pleasure according to Islamic law.

“Nothing in Islam forbids sexual pleasure. Ask that question to any devout Muslim and he will not tell you otherwise,” she insisted in an article in a French newspaper. As for the curious, the young and the onlookers? That’s not her business, she insists.

When it comes to sex, some things never change.

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    hi i found this website and after reading i tried the website nikah shop, i ordered some stuff for me and my wife it was dispatched from uk to dubai, once i recieved the package it was discreet with no marking on it and i was happy to say one we tried it we had a night that will remember for a long time, i will reccomend the wolf berry and the blunt power uk smell

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