ENGEX Conference on Energy, Water, Transportation and the Environment Offers 10% Discount to Green Prophet Readers

engex promotion code conference discountEngEx, an organization of independent and nonpartisan engineers, believes that “enhanced communication, achieved through unity and constant exchange of research and dialogue, is the means to a solution for energy, water, infrastructure, and climate concerns.”

And it is organizing a conference in order to provide a forum for such communication. EngEx hopes that their conference – which will take place in San Diego between July 29th-31st, 2010 – will contribute to enhancing innovation in the engineering world especially in terms of new clean technologies.  It also hopes that Green Prophet readers will attend, and is offering a 10% discount (which you can access here). Or get the same 10% discount, when registering by entering the code: 9900048. It will be a great chance for clean tech entrepreneurs from the Middle East to access US Ministry movers and shakers, and investors.

The conference will be focused on research in the following four fields:
Energy (depleting energy, renewable energy, storage, and the electric grid)
Water (desalination, cloud seeding, wastewater, and pipeline rehabilitation)
Transportation (fuel infrastructure, public transit, roads/bridges, and sustainable planning)
Environment (carbon capture, carbon storage, carbon management, and carbon use/reuse)

Besides providing a forum for communication and improved solutions in these four areas, the EngEx conference hopes to help create business opportunities for its participants.  In order to help create these opportunities, it has ensured the participation of nine US Government Agencies including the Environmental Protection Energy, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Transportation (among others).

Explaining the goal of the conference, EngEx explained that “we at EngEx are orchestrating an event that will bring thirty-nine distinct engineering fields under one roof to expose cutting-edge tools, technologies, research, and opportunities; to bring local & federal governmental support to a national audience of engineers, environmentalists, students and investors.  Our ultimate goals is to help all participants broaden and deepen their ability to produce quality sustainable products and infrastructure that not only overcomes challenges, but also provides economic and ecological returns.”

Remember the code: 9900048 for that 10% discount.

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