11 Things I Learned From My Dog (Slideshow Story)

4. Give a kiss to say “thank you”

Puppy always loved getting tasty morsels of food we left over, such as yummy chicken skin, or cheese. But whenever we gave her something she’d always kiss our hand, a quick lick. It wasn’t that she was trying to get some remaining grease, you knew when she sniffed that grease. This lick was a kiss, a quick: “Thanks for the food!” It cost her nothing, just a very quick postponement of gratification to show her appreciation. But I’ll tell you, getting those kisses made me want to keep giving her those treats.

I learned from Puppy that no small deed is too small to merit a thank you. My wife laughs when I thank her for a kiss, but I appreciate them, so I say thank you.

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3 thoughts on “11 Things I Learned From My Dog (Slideshow Story)”

  1. jackreichert says:

    =) Thanks!Puppy was really the sweetest!

  2. ralph says:

    The dog feels emotion without constraints, that is why in Hebrew he is named “kalev” which means “according to the heart”. The dog is pure heart without artifice or hidden agendas.In Arabic, which is derived from Hebrew the word for dog is “kalb” which sounds only very slightly different from the related word “qalb” which means heart.

  3. AuntT says:

    Jack: that was beautiful…I first met Puppy about a month or 2 after she joined the family. I was amazed that every time I came to visit, Puppy wouldn't bark. She remembered me…whether it was 6 months, a year or 2 since I was last in Israel…I never could believe that…we will miss you Puppy on our next trip!!

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