Israeli Oil Company Paz Launches Solar Energy Venture Today

paz-gas-logoWe told you things are heating up with the solar energy market in Israel. Will the country be a light unto the nations in the Middle East, and practice what it preaches in solar tech innovation, by turning the endless power from the sun into solar energy? 

The Israeli oil company Paz, which owns a chain of gas stations around the country, announced today that it will join the solar energy market.

They’ve created a new business unit called Paz Solar to market and install photovoltaic energy systems for producing electricity using photovoltaic technologies, according to Globes.

At a press conference today the company said that it plans on leading the solar energy market in Israel, an ambitious plan perhaps now that foreign companies like SunEdison, with more experience in solar power, have already started moving in. Paz says they will lead based on equipment they provide and the amount of power they will produce. And the focus will remain in Israel. 

“We are a country with 7.2 million people and if we add the energy sector in Judea, Samaria and Gaza we will reach 10 million residents. That is not a small country but a medium-sized country. Israel is our main target but if there will be interesting opportunities abroad we will consider them,” Paz chairman Zadik Bino. 


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