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Green Prophet got wind of some new courses when “the Sea” called us this week: The school, the Social Economic Academy, with branches in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem is opening its spring semester this year with the course: “I buy – I exist: A journey in the trail of the consumption culture.”

The course will take a critical outlook at the recent global economic crisis the consumption Western culture and its implication every Wednesday at 7:30 PM at Bikuri Haitim Center on 6 Hestman St. Tel Aviv.

They offer another course to Israelis, which has a green edge too: “The Space between Food and Capital: facts you never knew about food, environment, society and economy.” Michael Pollan would be proud. According to the SEA the course will deal with the impact of the food industry on the quality of life and will take a outlook on this industry’s political side, the injustice in the global food balance and more.

The course is conducted with the cooperation of the Vegetarian Community Center in Jerusalem and will also take place on Wednesdays in Jerusalem at 7:30 PM 8 Balfur Street.

Who are behind the SEA?

In Israel today there is a lack of critical and coherent public social economic discourse. Such discourse scarcely exists in academia and is unattainable beyond academia to the public at large. This lack of discourse has created a social-economic policy in Israel which we believe has led over the past 20 years to a growing rate of poverty. Working people in Israel living under the poverty line rose from 21% in 1989 to 34.5% in 2005.

The Social Economic Academy (SEA) offers a popular platform for such discourse.
Our activities expand the knowledge of the public at large and social activists in particular. SEA offers people both the theory and critical tools needed to promote economic alternatives, as well as creating an opportunity for these people to engage in dialogue and to encounter different members of Israeli society.

Furthermore, SEA encourages its students to become involved in actions that will lead to changes in social-economic policy.

Over the last 3 years since its inception, SEA has directly reached more than 5000 people of all ages, from all ethnicities and from all walks of life through our activities all over Israel. In addition, SEA reaches hundreds of thousands of people annually through it s lectures and articles that are published weekly on popular internet sites; daily radio columns that address issues at critical junctures, as well as other media.

For some background reading, see Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food.

::Social Economic Academy website

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