A Hybrid of Environmentalism and Politics in Online Honda Ad

We recently came across this alleged Honda commercial online, which fuses environmental activism with political opinion. It speaks for itself, so take a quick look:

It is unclear and very unlikely that Honda actually sponsored this ad.  It’s more probable that somebody cut and pasted a news clip together with the taglines of another Honda commercial.  Whomever that person is will probably remain anonymous.  It is still an interesting phenomenon, though and we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether the makers of the clip are dangerous carborexic types or legitimate activists of the first degree.

The clip has caused quite some interest in the blogosphere.  Here are some excerpts of the online dialogue that the clip has generated:

Darryl Wolk blogged that he is “not sure if this commercial is real, but it is why I take the global warming agenda seriously.  America and the West must break our dependency on foreign oil.  Green technology, public transportation, tough auto standards and a cap and trade system are the way to go.”

According to another blog, Current, there were originally two of these clips – one focused on the Hezbollah in Lebanon (as shown above) and one focused on Iran.  The clip that includes Iran has been removed from YouTube.  The writer points out that the Hezbollah is based primarily in Lebanon “and the last time I looked, we’re not exactly importing a lot of oil from Lebanon…”  The writer also asks “since when did the auto industry get recruited for the War on Terrorism?”

A blog called Avid Editor’s Insights refers to the alleged ad as “the best hybrid commercial ever” and Road90 tagged the clip as “fundamentally right, and… clean.”

Real or not, the clip has definitely generated a lot of discussion and we would love to hear your thoughts.  Please respond in the comments section below.

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