Amulet Gifts Bring Your Loved Ones Local, Handmade Love and Protection

Okay boys, let’s go over our Valentine’s Day list.  Organic homemade candy – check.  Potted flower plant – check.  Local handmade jewelry – ?  Don’t tell us you’re still scrambling?  The overly commercialized holiday of love is just around the corner!  Don’t worry, though.  We’ve got a jewelry tip that’s just right for your green, eco-friendly, local-and-handmade-loving sweetheart. is an online store that is dedicated to offering a selection of unique handmade amulets, talisman, and charm jewelry.  Not only is the jewelry available on their website very unique, but it has a spiritual element as well and as they describe on their own website, “the amulets, talisman and charms presented here are all geared towards a basic wish we all have to live happy, peaceful and safe lives.  These items inspire, possess a unique quality and are believed to fulfill that wish for thousands of years.”

What gift could be better?  (And as an added bonus, they’re featuring some Valentine’s Day sales…)

Different amulets have different properties, and so visitors to their online store can choose between gifts for good luck, happiness, health, love, prosperity, or protection.  As the online store proclaims, their gifts offer “something meaningful.”

The designs include hamsa, evil eye, fish, heart, horeshoe, peace sign, kabbalah, religious, and Solomon seal amulets.  Featured above is a Kabbalah heart bracelet, on the left are some evil eye earrings, and on the right is a combo hamsa/evil eye silver ankle bracelet.

The jewelry is made in Israel and inspired by the local Middle Eastern aesthetic, but will ship their items anywhere in the world.

And for the ladies out there, don’t forget to give your beloved a thoughtful gift too.  Might we suggest something that is local, handmade, potentially organic, a deep red color, and sweet?  How about a jar of homemade strawberry jam?

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