During An Economic Crisis, Can Environmental Stocks Outperform? An Experiment

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We were approached by an Israeli startup that follows and predicts stock market trends MarketGuru to execute a joint experiment: how do “green” clean technology stocks perform against the market as a whole? MarketGuru asked Green Prophet to choose a variety of environmental stocks to track their progress of how they are performing against the rest of the market.

We asked our friends, we asked writers at TreeHugger, and made the selection, adding some green Israeli companies into the mix. But the experiment goes one step further: We want to include you. Please comment, suggest stocks and why they should be included. We want to keep the number of stocks limited so make it a good one. It turns out our picks were pretty good. 

  • What do you think will be the outcome?
  • Who will outperform whom?
  • Will green stocks soar as we weave through the economic crisis?
  • Or will they flop?

We hope that we’ll be able to inspire investors to “think green.” Experts are saying that the collapse happened largely because of greed. If you look at most green tips you’ll see that largely they are really about being conscientious and making sure that there is no waste or excess.

Let’s hope that a healthier, greener, market will arise from the ashes of the current mess.

Stop into our Middle East Cleantech Directory. See anything missing? What goes for the stocks in our portfolio is true too for our directory as well. If you feel something should be there please submit your idea!

Let the game begin. See our profile on MarketGuru, for more.

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10 thoughts on “During An Economic Crisis, Can Environmental Stocks Outperform? An Experiment”

  1. Pia says:

    Yes, investing in green business, start-ups to more developed technologies (like nano-solar/Wow!), will result in positive returns. We probably won’t see the same high profit margins and resulting CEO bonuses, but that’s okay because green stock will be sustainable, which is better for everyone. I have always wanted to have more choice in my employer funded 401k etc., and am anxious to see “alternative” stocks widely accessible for folks like me who aren’t able to get a retirement package unless it is funded by an employer. With the new presidency, I can see really positive changes in the sustainable stocks market.

  2. Josh says:

    What a fantastic project.. found your blog on MarketGuru. it’s about time people start investing responsibly.
    stop the greed!!
    Happy New Year everyone.


  3. thanks mike and storme. DAR DOES look like a good company

  4. Mike says:

    I like DAR as well.. used to own them. Too bad they are getting killed with the rest of them, but it’s definitely a good company to buy once the dust settles..


  5. thanks for the input storme! i’ll look through your suggestions!

  6. thanks mike for your supportive words!

  7. Storme says:

    I’m also a fan of Darling International (DAR), a company that collects and recycles animal by products.

  8. Storme says:

    I also have a marketguru account. Unfortunately, I started it when the green stocks were still doing well then crashed and burned with the stock market. I have selected companies that are green or are attempting to be greener, for this portfolio. GE is an example of a company that some of the aspects are green but not all of them, but I own the stock because of their wind turbines.

    I also have several ETFs in the portfolio at present, such as GEX, TAN, FAN, KWT, PBD, PBW, PIO, PWND, PZD, AND QCLN. These are good ways to invest in several areas of green w/o having to own a bunch of different stocks or potentially being weighted too much in a particular stock.

    Another stock I favor is Green Hunter Energy (GRH). I also like LDK for a solar company.

  9. Mike says:

    I love this site and your project. What a terrific initiative. People need to start investing with a conscience.


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