Green Action Events: The SAHA Project Takes Off

Green Action SAHA Israel PalestinianGreen Action‘s SAHA project brings together uniquely environmental and political issues promoting community trade between Palestinians, Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews.

The project initially began with a group of Palestinian farmers whose livelihood was threatened due to the occupation and separation wall. These farmers came together and set up the Zaytun Cooperative and work with Green Action to produce fair trade, organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Green Action now works with five different communities across Israel and Palestine: The Zaytun Farmers Cooperative; The Jerusalem Community Kitchen; the For You Project; The Women’s Association of Wadi Fukin and The Bridge Over the Wadi School. Their product range now includes: Syrian Pressed Olives, Sage, Organic jam and Liqueur.

The newest community is the Bridge Over the Wadi School.

Green Action SAHA Israel PalestinianA group of Arab and Jewish mothers, grandmothers and aunts of the children from The Bridge Over the Wadi (The first Jewish/Arab school located in an Arab village), came together to help subsidize their school. Their idea was to make and sell reusable bags. Together with SAHA, the women designed a Saha Reusable bag, which is Saha’s first non-food product. All the profits made from the bags go to the Bridge Over the Wadi School.

There will be a SAHA stand at the up-coming Tel Aviv Hanuka Fairs:
21/12/08 Sunday, Seminar Hakibutzim 11:00-15:00
23/12/08 Thursday, Seminar Hakibutzim 11:00-15:00
23/12/08 Thursday, Kiryat Atidim 9:00-17:00

The organization is run from the help and support of many volunteers. If you are interested in becoming involved with Green Action, check out their new website:

This post was contributed by Michelle at Green Action.

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