Green Your Dorm!

With the traditional bi-annual Israeli university strike nipped in the bud a lot of students are on their way to their new dorm room. Here are a few tips to keep it  green.

  1. Reduce – Moving to a new place is a great time to rethink how you do things. Just because it was done at home doesn’t mean that waste is justified. Think how you can cut back what you use, and how. Cutting back is also a much cheaper way to live, an attractive incentive to one living on a student’s budget.
  2. Reuse – While there are many pimped out dorm-rooms out there it doesn’t mean that it has to be newly bought. Have in mind that you’ll be out of that room in a year or two. You’re not settling down. Nothing wrong with a borrowed or second hand couch or bed. I find that the mix-match look is funky and can help shape your new student image.
  3. Recycle – You’ll find that you are using much more paper than you did before. Just remember that when you are done, recycle it!
  4. Lighting – A brighter light is healthier for your eyes when studying late at night. Here’s a good time to switch to florescent!
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