General Meeting of Israel's New Environmental Political Party "HaTnuah Hayeruka"

We’ve been following the recent green politics and parties in Israel (see our Re-evaluating Green Parties, Must They Be Liberal Left Wing?). And tomorrow the brand new environmental political party The Green Movement (HaTnuah Hayeruka) is holding a general meeting of members tomorrow morning, Friday, Nov. 14 at 9 a.m. at the Seminar Kibbutzim in Tel Aviv.

One of the founders of the party, Dr. Alon Tal, sent out the following email:

There will be some rather critical decisions made there and it is important that you come. Otherwise, please log on – and join us! It is simple, security proof and very important that we grow to become a mass movement with thousands of members.

alon tal from HaTnuah HayerukaPlease feel free to bring friends and kindred spirits along – although, the gathering is a “members’ meeting” – and so they will have to join (that’s NIS 100 or 60 for students) if they are not members in order to participate.

More information is available on the Tnuah Yeruka website

Seminar Kibbutzim is in Tel Aviv, 149 Derech Namir just north of the intersection with Shai Agnon. Directions

We’ve been debating the character of Israeli green parties on greenprophet.  Anyone who is interested in actually implementing this debate should go to this event and general meetings for any other environmental political party. And you’re always invited to add your comment to our ongoing discussion on the original post.

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