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Sophie Ohana is an Eco-Mum! Growing up on an organic farm in England instilled in Sophie a passion for all things green, a passion which she later transported to Israel. When it comes to children and babies, Sophie is an expert on living green–an expertise which she implements in her company, Tinok Yarok (“Green Baby”) and shares regularly on Green Prophet.

Sophie shares more of her green passions after the jump:

How would you define yourself environmentally?

I’m an entrepreneur.

How you get around?

By car and on foot.

Can you tell us about your biggest green passion? What fires you up?

Our children and their home environment.

What prompted you to start caring about the environment?

I grew up caring about the environment, and having my daughter pushed it a step further.

What do you think is the most important issue the world faces today?

It’s important that we be honest about the damage we are doing and start doing something about it now!

What is the most important issue in the Middle East?

Peace and water–which go hand in hand.

What’s the saddest environmental-related thing you’ve ever seen?

Intensive animal farming and the polar bear swimming with no ice in sight.

What’s the most hopeful project/company/event you’ve seen?

Organic cotton projects in India and Africa.

What do you do to play your part in greening the earth?

Building a green business, living a green life and disseminating knowledge to anyone willing to listen.

What green-related books, blogs or sites are you reading now? What’s your favorite post/topic on Green Prophet, and why?

I  recently finished “The World without Us” by Alan Wiseman–both terrifying and reassuring–and “Healthy Child, Healthy World.” On Green Prophet, I’m enjoying the Eco-Rabbi–I like the connection.

Who are your environmental heroes? If you could meet with one of these heroes what would you ask them?

My mum, because of the values in life she taught me and inspired in me. The same goes for my grandfather; he believed in “waste not, want not” and was a great grower of his own fruit and vegetables. Al Gore, because he made the environment more mainstream, although I would ask why he doesn’t live the greener life, in terms of downsizing.

What has been the biggest influence in your life?

Having a family.

If you could make one green wish (or have one of your prophecies come true) what would it be?

That people start to take more responsibility for the way they live and shop for their own health and the health of our planet.

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