Become An Artist

cereal box recycleThere are so many wonderful things that you can do with odd household throw-aways. Be creative and think outside the box, or INSIDE the box in some cases…

  • Cereal boxes can make stylish and colorful bookmarks.
  • Use empty tissue boxes to store extra plastic bags.
  • Ever find that your chips get crushed? Pop them into a box before you stuff it in the pantry.
  • Small boxes (such as pudding boxes) can make great puppets!
  • Open an empty cereal box and let your young child have fun coloring on the inside.
  • You can use  boxes to protect items when mailing. Or just storing away.
  • Use empty boxes for kindling your barBQ.
  • Boxes can be transformed into great building blocks.
  • Finally, if you open your box flat you can drop it into a recycling bin.

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3 thoughts on “Become An Artist”

  1. I used to fly through the cosmos in my refrigerator and oven boxes!

  2. I lived in a refrigerator box for a year. Well, it was inside my room….I then inherited an oven box, which became the “guest bedroom” for my best friend.

  3. And the ULTIMATE: refrigerator boxes afford unlimited options for creative play and art. We just got one from our neighbors and my kids have spent 2 days solid in the box, and are just getting started.

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