Green Your Dog: the 4th Great Green Giveaway!

hemp dog collar image poochAs its the head of the month, we here at Green Prophet are feeling even more extraordinarily generous, and thanks to an earlier post about fellow eco-site Lifegoggles, we are offering two 100 % hemp dog collars in our 4th Great Green Giveaway!

This is in addition to the 3rd Great Green Giveaway still running, which offers a reused paper Meishi (business card holder) from designer Anat Safran, to whichever reader can come up with the most creative way businesses can go green.

While you are pondering that, if you are a dog owner (or in these more enlightened times, one who shares their life with a domesticated animal), here’s the chance to green up your hound with a hemp fibre collar (size small, but pretty adjustable) from our friends at

The 2 collars are in bilberry blue or natural, and apparently hemp is perfect for dog collars as it is hard-wearing, but is soft and so doesn’t rub the skin. It is also suitable for hairy bubles with sensitive skin….and of course is great for the environment as it doesn’t go through all the processes that Industrial cotton does.

If you’re feeling a tad jealous of these products for animals, I can highly recommend the Hemp shop for humans in Jerusalem, which sells some wonderful shirts and t-shirts and all manner of garments.

hemp dog collar

Anyhow, here goes: How many greens does it take to change a lightbulb? The prizes (one per winner) will be awarded to the readers whose answers are the most witty and ecologically erudite. Come on – make us laugh! A hastily convened panel of experts will consider all the answers, and the winners will be announced here in a wee while. And as we’re feeling extra generous due to the sun, the prizes will be dispatched anywhere in the world (by camel mail). Good luck – your furry best friend will thank you for it! Email your answers to james “at” asap, and be in with a chance of greening your dog with style!

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