Eco Contact Gets a Green Spin at Bodyways and Vertigo Dance Festival

We’d featured Vertigo’s eco-village taking root in a chicken coop on Green Prophet before, and our friend Ehud from the Jerusalem Post, wrote a brilliant piece on the village.

Today Rivi Nissim, our multi-talented dance friend, photographer and architect from Bodyways, Israel’s largest dance portal, sent us a notice of a new eco-themed festival she’s planning with Vertigo for next weekend –– “Where body and nature collide.”

Green sensory overload. We love it.

It’s the first dance festival Rivi has planned with Vertigo and the first with a decidedly green theme. The four day celebration, a collaboration between Bodyways and Vertigo Dance Company, called Hagiga, will include workshops, performances, jams and dancing. Following the successes of previous years, the festival organizers invite curious people to meet, move and learn, face to face in expressive ways with the body. It’s all happening during the Hebrew holiday of Shavuot.

In a special performance, Vertigo will perform Birth of the Phoenix, their ecologically-minded dance performance about the dialogue between humans and the environment.

And for the novice, workshops will come in a variety of color– for beginners and experienced movers (and shakers), and children (of all ages). If you want to brush up on your dance moves beforehand, check out the online tutorials from TakeLessons.

For the religious, the festival which takes place over the Shavuot holiday, there will be an all night learning session which will include body, voice and breath work and will feat. Rabbi Baruch Brenner, Ruth Kaniel, and more.

The list of activities will include:

  • Dance
  • Contact Improvisation
  • Movement
  • Theater (physical, action theater, pantomime)
  • Yoga
  • Belly dancing
  • Thai Chi
  • Chi Kong
  • Buto
  • Chinese Marshal Arts
  • Acrobatics
  • Dreams and movement
  • Rio Abierto
  • Authentic movement
  • Art of Touch
  • Shiatsu

For those that want to sit back and watch, says Rivi, there will also be stage performances, planned and improvised during the evenings by new groups and shows put on by well known performers. She says, “Our celebration is part of a bigger worldwide network, celebrating 36 years of Contact Improvisation.”

Camping, a pool for cooling off, and a Kosher kitchen will be available. Now for the full program, click here (or see below), and to order tickets, please call: 052-3634152 or 077-7655007


Lul-dance (lul means chicken coop in Hebrew)
Pilates & movement – ronni heller
Bellydancing – orly portal
Sound in movement – smadar imor sinepsa

Nia – adi goren & dalit harel
Vibrational healing – judita ben-david

Sing-I – abi moriya
Capoira – guy shimshi
Opening cirle – kabalat shabat
Tfilula – sacred singing

Principles of touch – avi bahat
Ikido – mark wisman
Shiatsu workshop – for parents and children

Lul–to move
Vijnana yoga – mia goldstein


Open space
Modern dance – ronni heller
Physical theatre & contact – ilya domanov
Gaga – dancers
Creativity gathering
Voice in Movement – smadar imor, sinepsa
Contact Improvisation – adi sha’al, vertigo
bikorei creativity
multi-jam – open space for creativity with arts, artists and audience – shahar zohar and an artist’s group from abroad

vertigo dance company and bodyways festival

The dream as an art – karni yishai
Drum body & silence – judita ben-david
Voice workshop – shirly solomon
Bellydancing – orly portal
Traditional Indian dance – ofra hoffman
Workshop & performance – vered shmor rabinovitz

Tai chi – mark wisman
Chi gong – abi moriya
African dance – hagar mandelbaum shakti
Flamenco – hilit maniv
Bikurei creativity
Magical crossings – ohad azulay
Vibrational movement – ravit yasour
Performances – combining music and dance “hayoum”, indian dance and more
Dj party

A comforting wake up – anat lombardo
Shiatsu 1 – ron wietzman
Ikido – nir krauza
Principles of touch – avi bahat
Feldenkrais 1 – dorit dinor
Acrobalance- yohai ginaton

Lul–to move
Vijnana yoga – roi levi
Indian dance & rhythms – ron shpatz & philip smith
Rio obrieto deep – sefi shohat bari & batya oren
Contact – bmc style – miki shihrur
Drumming on the body – guy shimshi

Outdoor space
Meditation in nature – merav goldenberg
Sculpturing in open space – israel rabinowitz
Afro-cuban rhythms – michael negev

Dance and creativity for Shavuot- mira razon movement blossom and color
Laughing yoga for kids – ronit lev


Free space
Improvisation – ilanit tadmor, play
Improvisation voice movement & word – alona peretz, center for improvisation
Gathering of creativity
Butoh dance of the soul – tamar borer
Contact improvisation mixed abilities – tali vertheim & hai cohen
Vertigo repertoire – rina vertheim koren
Celebration jam with live music

The dream as an art – karni Yishai
Vijnana yoga – mia goldstein
Indance for women – ravit ita
Movement word – uri shmerlovsky
New dance and circus clown – sandsiel

Sing-I – abi moriya
Chi gong – mark weisman
Vibrational movement – ravit yasour
Sacred dance – jivan sunder
Sing-I – abi moriya
Rio obrieto – sefi shohat bari & batya oren
Tamar borer – artistic Shavuot evening
Birth of the Phoenix

Prana breath – roi levi
Acrobatic dance – sandsiel center
Acrobalance- yohai ginaton
Shiatsu workshop for parents and children – ilan ezra
Feldenkrais 2 – dorit dinor
Shiatsu 2 – ron Weitzman

Lul-to move
Theatre games – shiri gurfinkel
Living in two – margalit spelter
Improvisation – ronit lev, play
Movement class with the bahat system – avi bahat
Nutrition as a natural therapy – danit dai, spelter center

Outdoor space
Meditation in nature – merav goldenberg
Afro-cuban rhythms – Michael negev
Sculpturing in open space – Israel rabinowitz
Magical crossings – ohad azulay
Shavuot night tikkun

Movement blossom and color for Shavuot – mira razon
Staff – (shiatsu workshop in lul-roll)
Contact improvisation for parents and children – ilanit & ilya, play


For playing! – marina beltov zigota studio
The personal and the instinctive – itzik juli, search engine
Returning and passing – zigota studio
“Ritzpa” – graduate pieces, search engine

The dream as an art – karni Yishai
Body mind improvisation – anat Lombardo
Gaga for everyone

African dance – hagar mandelbaum shakti
African yoga beat2 – ravit & yarom ita
Sumsum rhythm party Balkan party
Closing circle

Principles of touch – avi bahat
Ikido – noam shani

Indian rhythms- ron shpatz
Voice workshop – shirly Solomon

Theatre games – shiri gurfinkel


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  1. Sharon says:

    when is the next fest?

  2. rivi says:

    thank you Karin !
    I wold like to add: the festival will begin on Friday June 6th, and end on Monday June 9th, during the weekend an on shavuot holiday,
    6-9 june

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