One Industry's Junk Is a Child's Treasure: Recycling Workshops at the Israel Museum

israel museumThe Israel Museum in Jerusalem is currently undergoing a massive renovation of its structures, but it emphasizes renewal in more ways than one.  As part of the program geared towards children at the museum – which includes an imaginary prehistoric cave, water activities, and a special library – the Israel Museum’s Youth Wing offers a special recycling workshop.

The workshop encourages creativity with unconventional materials and, simultaneously, reinforces the value of recycling.  Kids are taught to use what is available around them and to repurpose objects in innovative and unusual ways.

foam recycleThe museum staff collects industrial scraps from factories all around the country for this purpose, including materials such as tubes, caps, cloth, paper, sponges, and foam.  The materials are then sorted according to shape, color, and texture and are made available to those in the workshop.

The workshop is geared towards children aged 4-8, and is a great activity for parents and children to do together.

Throughout the school year the workshop is open on Tuesdays from 4pm – 7pm, during July it is open on Tuesdays and Fridays, and in August the workshop will be open every day.

Israel Museum Youth Wing, Recycling Room: 02-6708963

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