Wake Up and Smell the Recycled Roses: Yoav Kotik's Spring Exhibition at Periscope Gallery

It’s the spring exhibition season in Tel Aviv, and the art world is blooming.  Blooming with new shows, new artists, and new ideas.  And, thanks to internationally exhibited Israeli artist Yoav Kotik, blooming with recycled flowers.

Kotik, a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, has fashioned flowers out of junk in his exhibition titled “In the Spring” (Be’Aviv) which is currently showing at the Periscope Gallery of Contemporary Design in Tel Aviv.

The exhibition features flowers made out of aluminum soda cans, chandeliers made out of coffee cans, olive oil tins, and tuna boxes, and other reinvented items galore.

Kotik, who is a member of the Zik Group (a group of Israeli artists that combine sculpture and action through performances), is no stranger to recycled design.  In the past he has used consumer waste to create earrings, other forms of jewelry, and light fixtures.

In the artist statement accompanying the exhibition, Kotik explains that he wishes to challenge the concept of what is considered to be garbage.

If something as simple as a soda can can be transformed into a spring flower, then he’s got a point.

“In the Spring” is currently on view at the Periscope Gallery in Tel Aviv (176 Ben Yehuda Street) until May 17th.  Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 5pm-8pm.

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