1 Equals 5


Every single degree that you raise your central heating raises the cost of running your heating by 5 percent. Try to sharpen your awareness to what temperatures you are comfortable at. Do you need to keep your heat on quite so high? We’re not suggesting that you should be cold.

Just be aware of how high you keep your heating.

Even one degree can make a big difference and that way you can GreenYourselfDaily… in the winter.

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4 thoughts on “1 Equals 5”

  1. Jack, thanks for reference but…I don’t read Hebrew!

    (Well, haltingly mouthing manishtana does not count, methinks)

    Any other links for 1=5? My green reputation hangs on it….Thanks.

  2. Jack says:

    sure, it’s from the israel electric company’s tips site.
    thanks for your comment!

  3. Michael says:

    Thanks Elisabeth.
    Jack – can you help us out with a source for the 5:1 statistic?

  4. Hi. Impressed by that easy-to-remember stat that one degree up on the radiator equals 5% more on your heating bills, I posted it on a discussion website. However one commentator was less enthralled, saying: “Are you sure? Surely it depends on a lot of factors such as ambient temperature, the temperature you’re trying to maintain and even the current barometric pressure?” Just in case I wasn’t feeling small enough, he added: “Saving energy is a good thing. But quoting random numbers only hurts a cause.” I liked the numbers. They were easy to understand. Were they that random? Please help.

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