Environmental Activism… in a friendly way

Hula Valley 

With the panoramic view that I have from my window, I tend to find myself awed by the sunset. Often, I tell myself how incredibly artistically talented God is, the hues, the use of shadow, the definition… it’s beautiful. Oh how many times I wished that I could create such breathtaking scenes, on a daily basis. It is inspiring, and not only for me. Many artists I have spoken to, have told me that they have similarly, been inspired by God’s creative hand.

Now, with the hard work of Zev Labinger, and along with the help of Artists For Nature’s director and founder Yserand Browers, artists can give back. Labinger and Browers have arranged for seven, internationally renowned artists, to visit Israel for a week to help raise awareness about Lake Agmon in the Hula Valley.


“A painting is worth a thousand words – it’s much more effective than lecturing,” Labinger told the Jerusalem Post. “By making the birds of Lake Agmon famous, we can help ensure that the delicate balance between encroaching development, the pressures of civilization and the natural habitat remains preserved.”

These artists will each be spending a day in the wilderness drawing and painting. At the end of their stay their creations will be presented at a special exhibition of their work. Browers explained that they do environmental activism “in a friendly way, not waving signs or protesting, but showing the beauty of the area.”

It’s important that we have so many meetings and forums all trying to get the ball rolling. It’s nice, though, to see a different form of activism. Mr. Dale Carnegie once said: “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” Someone can see all the facts before his eyes and still not comprehend the need for action. We at the green prophet would love to see more events like this one. Opening the eyes of the world to the beauty they are destroying by not changing their habits.


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