Wanna Start Your Own Desert Commune?

desert-living-green-prophet.jpgSince the foundation of the first Kibbutz in Israel, nations around the world have looked to the Israeli model for communal living. One of the cornerstones of the kibbutz movement is C.A.L.L. (Communes at Large Letter), a seasonal magazine that reports on intentional communities in Israel and the rest of the world. This past winter’s issue is dedicated to its late secretary Sol Etzioni, who we met once at Neve Shalom/ Wahat al Salam, back in the days when we thought about forging our own kind of community. He was a lovely man and continually offered us an invite to visit him at his kibbutz.Green Prophet is sorry to hear that he has passed away.For those interested to know more about intentional communities, for a small fee, you can subscribe to C.A.L.L. It is a modest magazine that explores all ways of community living, and includes information on international conferences and events.This is a particularly relevant concept in today’s world where some of us strive to build homes that are less impacting on the environment.C.A.L.L. – the organization itself, was started in 1976 at the initiative of the late Mordechai Bentov, a kibbutz member and cabinet minister. Today their headquarters are at the Yad Tabenkin Institute, on the campus of Seminar Efal, on the outskirts of Tel Aviv.Check out their website and newsletter. Intentional communities are not just a kibbutz thing.::C.A.L.L.

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