Green Prophet is a sustainable voice for green news on the Middle East region. A region with sweeping changes and immense opportunities for sustainable investment and growth, we cover a vast and unexplored territory from Morocco to Iran. The Middle East and North Africa region includes more than half a billion people. Controlling about 60 percent of the world’s oil, and 45 percent of its natural gas reserves, and with little environmental awareness in general and dwindling water resources, the region’s activities are of immense consequence for climate change, human migration, and the future of our planet.

Covering this very unique niche and impressive diversity of the landscape and people, Green Prophet is followed closely by industry game changers, investors, media, and the heads of environment non-profits. Green Prophet’s stories have been featured and linked to on the world’s most influential media outlets including Al Jazeera, AOL News, TIME Magazine, the NY Times and dozens more, connecting us on the ground as the definitive source of green news for the Middle East and North Africa region.

Green Prophet covers Middle East green news that impacts policy, clean tech investments, and environmental education and advocacy. Its award winning writers cover green technology startups and investments in solar and renewable energy, green design, sustainable architecture, fashion, culture and religion, and policy news that impacts the Middle East region. Look for a focus on countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

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