Massive landfill dump transforming into central park


Israel’s Hiriya Park, also known lovingly and totally sarcastically in some circles as shi*t mountain, is the one thing you’ll notice driving from the airport to Tel Aviv. It used to be where where Tel Aviv sent all its stinky trash, and baby diapers. Now it’s becoming Tel Aviv’s Central Park.

ariel-sharon-park-israel-hiriya-2000Shut down about a decade ago because of neighbors and birds getting caught in the flight path, Hiriya is now becoming an ecological wonder. I visited the park a few months ago when some green bloggers from big media were in town, and am impressed to see its progress.

Ariel sharon park hiriya

When people from far and wide think that the Middle East is a backwards, backwater place, look at marvels like this: a massive landfill site now being transformed into a 2,000 acre park that will contain bike trails, energy reclamation, and soil rehabilitation. Let’s look beyond conflict and look to a green future, hopefully for all.

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  1. Ra'anan says:

    What can be done about leakage from that dump to the aquifier???

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