GE investing $5 billion in Turkey’s wind market, with turbine factory

The environmentalists trying to protect the birds might not be happy, but as Turkey continues to be the address for investments for some of the world’s largest mega companies, General Electric takes the lead in wind. The biggest maker of wind turbines in the US, says it will be making an over USD 5 billion investment in building a 3,000 megawatt wind power plant.

The scope of this investment, as the daily newspaper Sabah reported, will be larger than the current wind energy power plants in operation all over Turkey.

GE plans to establish a wind energy turbine factory in Turkey. The most critical factor in this agreement consists of the transfer of technology to Turkey.

Here’s the GE commercial in Turkish, about wind energy

Turkey, now experiencing the fastest rise in electricity consumption in the world, after China, will be doubling its electricity consumption by 2023.

In addition to its nuclear, hydro, solar power and domestic coal sources, a USD 30 billion investment is planned into Turkey’s future in order to produce 20,000 megawatts of power wind energy.

GE, on its website estimates that Turkey has 48,000 megawatts of potential wind power capacity.

The Danish company Vestas is also getting in on the Turkish wind business, most recently in the Sivas Provence, with a 44 MW turbine sale.

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