Step back Amazon drones, Amazon rockets will deliver packages in 5 minutes or less [video]

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Amazon’s drones are expected to deliver packages within 30 minutes, but they’ll also clog the skies, make a terrible noise, and encourage even more excessive consumerism. Zach King’s hilarious spoof video explores the issues with Amazon rockets that will “deliver packages in five minutes or less.”

King, otherwise known as Final Cut King, brings us Amazon rockets – amazing new technology that delivers packages to customers in five minutes less.

“We here at Amazon have a passion for delivering your products faster than ever before, and that’s why I’m introducing Amazon rocket,” says King in his latest You Tube video, which already has nearly 200,00 views.

“You know, we recently launched Amazon Drones and our 30 minute shipping and our customers came back to us and they said ‘you know, we want more.'”

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King eventually shows us how these amazing new rockets work, and the results are absolutely hysterical.

Packages get stuck up in trees, squished by cars, and one is even dropped on a hapless cat, which scuttles away after the offense.

The rockets are not without their downfalls, King admits.

“I’m going to level with you – we’re burning a heck of a lot of rocket fuel, it’s not environmentally friendly at all, but the customer comes first like I’ve always said.”

This is the last in a series of clever videos launched in recent weeks from Saudi Arabia, the Gaza Strip and the United States that tackle our environmental and social problems with humor and irony.

No Woman, No Drive from Saudi uses the famous Bob Marley song to draw attention to the absurdity that women are not permitted to drive in the Kingdom, while the epic “Split” video from Gaza parodies Volvo’s Van Damme commercial to highlight the strip’s ongoing energy crisis.

Maybe there are upsides to using drones for shipping, but this video makes them look pretty darn stupid.

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