Morocco to Tender Two More Solar Power Plants

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Morocco recently announced that it has pre-selected several solar power producers to build two additional concentrated solar power plants (CSP) in Ourzazate.  Saudi Arabia’s Acwa Power, which is currently building a 160MW CSP plant in the same area, is among the firms picked to bid.

As part of the country’s overall plan to reduce its energy imports and stabilize energy generation in the next couple of decades, Morocco is pushing ahead with a slew of solar energy projects that will eventually produce up to two gigawatts of clean power.

Acwa’s 160MW plant will generate energy at a cost of just $0.19 per kilowatt hour, a competitive price that places the Saudi firm in the front running to build and operate two more plants – a 200MW parabolic trough plant and a 100MW plant using the same technology.

Consortia led by Spain’s Abengoa and GDF’s International Power have also been pre-selected to submit proposals for the 200MW Noor II plant, while France’s EDF was added to the team pre-selected to bid for the 100MW project, Morocco’s Solar Energy Agency (Masen) told Reuters.

“The capacity … will depend on the contractors, who could bid for more than the announced capacity, especially with the 100 MW tower which could reach 200 meters, the highest tower ever seen in Morocco,” sources told Reuters.

Although they have yet to make an official statement, one is expected in the next few weeks, the World Bank, European Investment Bank and Germany’s KfW Bank have agreed to finance the development projects.

Meanwhile, according to Arab News, Morocco’s state power utility, ONEE, has said it will also scatter 10 30MW photovoltaic plants throughout the country to help even out energy supply.

:: Arab News

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