Ask Geoff – How To Grow A Forest Garden & Free Permaculture Videos

permaculture geoffPermaculture teacher Geoff Lawton who is currently based in the Middle East answers all your growing questions

Permaculture power couple Nadia and Geoff Lawton, currently based in Jordan, have released a series of great (and free!) Permaculture videos online. The videos are basically a how-to guide of applying Permaculture principles, things to consider before buying a property and how to grow on a budget. They are all well produced and are a great, practical guide to growing using Permaculture principles. All you have to do is sign up (and they promise never to sell, rent, give or divulge your email information to anyone) and then you’ll have access to the videos as well as pdf downloads.

The videos are all well produced, easy to follow and cover :

– Surviving the Coming Crises

– Property Purchase Check List

– 5 Acre Abundance on a Budget

– Urban Permaculture: The Micro Space

Each one also comes with a pdf version if you prefer to read in your own time or to keep a guide to refer back to. According to the website, these are only available for free for a limited time so get to his website quickly to claim your freebies! Geoff Lawton is also offering to answer all your growing-related questions on a weekly basis. So if you’re struggling to grow in cold or hot weather, can’t get enough water or dealing with flat land, he’s on hand to help.

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You can hear Geoff Lawton’s TEDx talk about the importance of Permaculture in the Middle East above. Since 1985, Geoff has designed and implemented permaculture projects in 30 countries for private individuals and groups, communities, governments, aid organizations, & multinational corporations. He has taught the Permaculture Design Certificate course and designed permaculture projects in 30 countries.

For more on Permaculture in the Middle East see:

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    Permaculture is the way to live in peace and balance as we return planet Earth to its natural order by safely recycling all human-generated waste materials and peacefully reducing the human population with family planning programs.


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