New Clean Tech Map Reveals Israel’s Global Green Influence

israel, clean tech, clean tech map, israel new tech, renewable energy, water conservation, agriculture, interactive map, green mapIsrael NewTech has launched a interactive map of green Israeli innovations as part of a new Industry, Trade & Labor Ministry campaign that aims to showcase the country’s international influence in the clean tech and energy sectors.

We have been frustrated with the slow pace at which Israel has incorporated some of its own homegrown innovations, such as solar power, but now the government is deliberately shining a spotlight on various companies that are advancing renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, water conservation and other environmental initiatives in countries across the globe.

Designed not only to show off, though there is certainly some element of that, the “Cleantech in the Making” map is expected to attract increased international investment in Israel’s numerous green projects.

The map lists water, agriculture, renewable energy and “environment” projects.

Internationally renowned as leaders in clean technology, Israel also boasts sophisticated water conservation and agriculture prowess that benefits communities in Chile, South Africa, Russia and a handful of other countries – the map reveals.

Adi Yefet Beeri of Israel NewTech told YNet News that the map was created “as a marketing tool meant to highlight the Israeli industries’ capabilities and the fact that they are world leaders in their fields.”

The companies that have developed various technologies can use the map as well as a way of drawing attention to their innovation for free.

So far, the paper reports, 2,000 people from mostly the United States and India have already visited Israel CleanTech’s Facebook app.

In other news, another Israeli group that developed the navigation and congestion app Waze won the best overall mobile app award at the Wold Mobile Congress in Barcelona this week, Globes reports.

Screengrab via Israel New Tech

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