Go On A Spicy “Date” With This Health Drink

vitamix turbo blender

Of my most prized possessions is a new blender I recently purchased, the Vitamix.  Mine is a model called the TurboBlend VS.  The Vitamix is advertised as “more than a blender,” as its high performance quality enables the user to blend the toughest of ingredients to produce the widest variety of food creations.  It’s the choice blender for most vegans (especially raw vegans) and vegetarians, a necessity in their kitchens, as it encourages them to get creative and use the fruits and vegetables stored in their refrigerators and on their windowsills in new ways, in different combinations.

In the amazing cookbook that came with my blender, Live Fresh: Raw/Vegan/Vegetarian Recipes, one of the over 200 recipes that I tried almost immediately was for a beverage called “The Spicy Date.”  I loved it at once and had to share it here, as dates, the unique sugar-packed Middle Eastern fruits, form the heart of the recipe.

spicy date smoothie picture

The preparation time for this drinkable treat is a mere five minutes.  You’ll feel like you cheated after you shut your blender off and pour yourself a glass, considering how fast the process is compared to how good the product tastes.

To fix yourself a Spicy Date, you’ll need:              

1 cup of light soy milk

3-4 medjool dates, pitted

1 banana, peeled and frozen at the time of ripeness

2 Tbsp of raw oats

1/8 tsp of ground cinnamon.

1 tsp of flaxseed

2 ice cubes (optional)

Those measurements will give you two cups of the beverage.  As for the heart of the recipe, my dates came from California, but I believe the real dates come from Middle Eastern countries like Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia.

For a quick and easy cold drink that is sugar and spice and everything nice, The Spicy Date is a must-try.

Image of Vitamix TurboBlend VS from Vitamix website; Image of handful of dates from Shutterstock

One thought on “Go On A Spicy “Date” With This Health Drink

  1. Kelly Vaghenas Post author

    Hey James,

    I think any medium-class blender would work fine with those frozen bananas. Just make sure to break each banana up into 4-5 pieces after you peel it and freeze it; at least, that’s what I do. You also have the option of using more liquid – whether it be water, soy milk, etc. – than the recipe calls for, if you’re afraid of breaking the machine. Still, yes, the Vitamix is absolutely the best, with a great warranty as well. Thanks for reading! :)


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